I'm new to VB so please bear with me on this one. I'm having a problem trying
to make an exe of my vb program. Right now I'm doing this for testing purposes
only to see how things work. This is an Access 97 database program. When
I make an exe file of my program in the folder where I developed the program
I don't have a problem; the program runs perfectly from the exe. However,
when I move all the files including the exe and Access database (mdb file)
to a folder on a network drive, the exe gives me an error message that tells
me my mdb file isn't on a valid path and that I should make sure that the
path name is spelled correctly and that I am connected to the server on which
the file resides. Part of the problem is that I have hard coded the path
of the mdb file into the program. This is only for testing purposes. Later
I plan the change it so that it doesn't matter where I install the program.
So what I did was I changed the path in the program to suit the network
location but I am still getting a reference to the same path from where I
originally developed the program. Why won't my program run from the exe
when I change its location? Is it because the project file (.vbp) carries
a reference to the old location or what? Please set me straight.