This question is probably more at home in the SQL Server newsgroup but as
I am using VB6, any responses are probably more relevant here. Anyway:

I am using VB6 and ADO (any of the latest 2.x versions) to connect to SQL
Server 2000 server on another domain. The problem lies in that the connection
attempt fails every time - even when using the IP address of the target server.
The only way I can get the connection to work is if I map a network drive
to a share on the target server. Once that network drive exists, the ADO
connection has no problems.

Right now I have the app programmatically create a network drive before attempting
the connection. This works some of the time, but is not the best way to
solve the problem. The other issue is that a Win98 client can't create a
network drive using a different username and password for the target share.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this, as I am completely
stumped. Also, if it helps, I am not using a DSN for the connection. (Though
I have tried it that way and I get the same result.)

Thanks in advance!
Eric Harris