Hi. I have written a VB program to allow the user to create reports from
an access database. I am using VB6, sp 5 and crystal reports developer version
8.0. The OS that it is running under is Windows 98, SE. The user chooses
the data fields to include in the report by selecting them from the list
box on the main form.

The snippet of code below then goes through each selection in this list box
on the main form and includes the selected fields in the report. The report
consists of a 2-line column heading and a one-line data field. Some of the
column headings consist of a string followed by a space followed by a number
(ex. “Acct 1”).

On the client’s PC, this shows fine in the crystal report viewer but when
printed, the number does not show. All other column headings show fine.
Even the ones with a space in them.

I have tried this on three other PC’s running windows 98 SE and four different
printers at my office and I can’t recreate this error.

I have tried reloading the print drivers on my client’s PC to no avail.
I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling my program on the client’s
PC to no avail.

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Snippet of my code to add columns dynamically to my report

For intFieldListIndex = 0 To (frmMainScreen.lstPrintParams.ListCount - 1)

‘If the user has chosen to include this field in the report, then make
a column for this field in the report.
If frmMainScreen.lstPrintParams.Selected(intFieldListIndex) Then

‘add data field from the access database to this report
Set crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex) = crParamsReport.Section3.AddFieldObject("{"
& _
gstrWorkingTableName & "." & strFieldNamesArray(intFieldListIndex) & "}",
(lngLastFieldLeftPos + lngLastFieldWidth + intWidthOffset), 0)

‘add row 1 of the column heading to this report
Set crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex) = _
(lngLastFieldLeftPos + lngLastFieldWidth + intWidthOffset), 0)

‘add row 2 of the column heading to this report
Set crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex) = _
(lngLastFieldLeftPos + lngLastFieldWidth + intWidthOffset), 0)

‘set column width, font, size and position
Let intWidestColNameWidth = IIf(crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
> _

crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width, crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width,

Let intWidestColNameWidth = IIf(crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
> _

intWidestColNameWidth, crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width, intWidestColNameWidth)

Let crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width = intWidestColNameWidth

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width = intWidestColNameWidth

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width = intWidestColNameWidth

Let crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Name = strFontName

Let crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Size = intFieldFontSize

Let crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Top = intFieldTopPos

Let crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width = crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
* _

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width = crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
* _

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Name = strFontName

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Size = intTitleFontSize

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Underline = True

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Bold = False

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Top = intCol1HeadingTopPos

Let crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).HorAlignment = crRightAlign

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width = crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
* _

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Name = strFontName

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Size = intTitleFontSize

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Underline = True

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Font.Bold = False

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Top = intCol2HeadingTopPos

Let crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).HorAlignment = crRightAlign

Let lngLastFieldLeftPos = crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Left

Let lngLastFieldWidth = IIf(crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
> _

crCol2Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width, crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width,

Let lngLastFieldWidth = IIf(crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width
> _

crCol1Headings(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width, crFldsArray(intFieldsArrayIndex).Width,

Let intFieldsArrayIndex = intFieldsArrayIndex + 1

End If