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Thread: Can work with Access 97 ?

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    psd Guest

    Can work with Access 97 ?

    Please tell me if can work with Access 97 \.


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    Chris Hylton Guest

    Re: Can work with Access 97 ?

    Yes, .NET has an managed provider for OLEDB that can hit any OLEDB data
    you can still code a full .NET solution (thru OLEDB) to any non-managed provider
    compliant database (like Jet).

    I think SQL Server, and recently Oracle, are the only two database out there
    with managed providers for .NET...but I'm sure that others (if not already)
    are forth coming for other major DB players...probably not for Jet though.


    "psd" <> wrote:
    >Please tell me if can work with Access 97 \.

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