I'm hoping to get some advice... (

I have a cross tab query that has row titles on the left hand column.
And let's say I have 30 columns of data in my cross tab query
=> 1 column for titles, and 30 columns of data = 31 columns

And let's say I have only 11 columns that fit on my report. So I can fit
the one column with the row titles and only 10 columns of data.

How would I create a report that would repeat the colunn row titles
on a subsequent page on the left, then place the 11th column of data in the

second left-most colunn? So then, the second page would have the column
row titles, then the 11th - 20th columns of data. The third page
would be similar, only it would show the column row titles on the left (again),
and then the 21st-30th columns of data.

Thanks! :P