I am writing as one who has daily contact with the Technology groups within
BofA. Within the groups coding network monitoring apps, desktop clients and
so on, VB has lost.

VB programmers are being released and Java coders sought. VB coded programmes
that have performed well for years are being dumped in favour of commercial
Java coded apps.

It was very discouraging to read this in an executive proposal, quote: "...
If the new platform is approved, our aim would be to create a 'Web enable
application' and there would be little or no need for VB development any
longer within the bank..."

I see no alternative now than to relearn my C++ and return to Borland C Builder.

Wish I could influence Microsoft's decisions to promote VB in business magazines
and strengthen VB more in line with C++ since if the largest bank in the
U.S. is abandoning VB, this could not be a good sign for us all.

- Nick

"Ian Erridge" <ian_erridge@hotmail.com> wrote:
>>I would be amazed if BofA was not in one of those programs.
>>Do you want me to find the appropriate contact?