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Thread: Beginner stumbling in the dark

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    Turk Guest

    Beginner stumbling in the dark

    I have 3 computers networked via a router with built in switch using cable
    connection to Internet. I have downloaded server software (Savant) and can
    serve web pages to other computers on my network. Have set router to allow
    the computer with the server software running to receive Http requests through
    port 80. Each computer has its own static IP address within the network
    and I can ascertain the (Wan?) IP address that the router is assigned on
    the internet.
    However, when anyone types that IP address assigned to the router into their
    browser they do not see my web page but a page saying the server cannot be
    located. When I set up my network adapter cards and click on properties and
    DNS configuration, I do not know what I should put into the space for Domain:
    Is that possibly my problem when I leave it blank? Have I given
    enough information to pinpoint why my web page is not viewed over the internet
    when the correct IP address for my router is entered into a browser?

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    Adrian Crooks Guest

    Re: Beginner stumbling in the dark

    You may have not set up your server to be seen correctly. Check by having
    someone outside try to ping the switch ip address. Do you see the incomming
    traffic at all on the switch status lights? If not pingable and no lights
    to say it is routing trafic to the server, then it is not set up right.

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