I have an interesting challenge. I am trying to format a legal document with
multiple pages and copies. These legal documents have the numbers down the
sides like a summons (actually a summons is one of the documents I am building).

I am stuffing each page in a table that is 'normal' positioned under each
preceding table. I use a loop to generate the numbers on the left side and
provide the vertical lines (2 on the left, 1 on the right) within thier own
TDs. The document body occupies the center TD.

Based on the font size for the document and a number of characters per line
I place text on the document and then advance a page line counter and a master
line counter to keep track of the lines on the page and to help set up the
absolute position of each line or paragraph. For paragraphs I simply get
the length and divide that by the number of characters per line to determine
how many lines the paragraph takes up.

This works...almost. The problem is the page break and the text that gets
added after the page break. I never really lines back up where it should.
What I really need is a way to anchor that text position-wise to the top
of the new page and start counting from there. Relative positioning won't
work well either because there are vertical columns on the document and relative
positioning wouls make it very hard to keep track of the lines like I want

I could go on but simply put, is anyone out there doing advanced document
formatting through the browser WITHOUT using C++ to provide print previews
through behaviors? I would appreciate any advice anyone can provide.