I have a problem that I don't get around.

I have a dataset that contains a table and a dataAdapter with a SELECT-command
that fills the table which works great.

The problem is that I use a Store procedure to delete all the rows in the
database. I run the stored procedure from the DataAdapter and all the rows
get deleted as they should.

After that I run another stored procedure that fills the table with som other
rows and that works fine too.

My problem is that when i run the DataAdapter.Fill method again I don't get
the new records! I have to quit and restart the program to fill my DataSet
with the new records.

Are there anyone that knows if I have missed som obvious thing? (like "you
can't use a stored procedure to delete rows if you use a simple SELECT-comman
tpo fetch them in the first place)

I would be very glad for any suggestions that might work.