"Mike Mitchell" <kylix_is@yahoo.co.uk> wrote in message
> Basically, the reason why .Net isn't taking off is that it's a
> solution in search of a problem. Where were business users clamouring
> for web services? Nowhere.

Bzzzt. Wrong.

Just for a start, every app that now has to screenscrape from a Web site is
clamoring for Web services.

And then there's this:

New survey suggests Web services "are being adopted almost universally within
the enterprise."

Or if you need help envisioning the ways, which go far beyond screenscraping,
that Web services will be put to use, consider this:

"In selected industries, such as Finance, Insurance, and Travel, companies are
already beginning to tap into the power of Web Services, enabling them to
integrate easily with new business partners, provide powerful new services to
consumers, and position themselves for long term growth. This article focuses on
how Web Services can revolutionize the Real Estate Industry."

That's why every big software vendor is scrambling to support XML Web Services,
not just Microsoft. And, that's why content-rich Web sites such as Amazon.com
are scrambling to offer the Web services their business associates have been
begging for.

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