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Thread: .Net Compact Framework and Web Services

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    Greg Rothlander Guest

    .Net Compact Framework and Web Services

    Anyone fimilar with the .Net Compact Framework?

    I'm trying to test a simple "Hello Word" like SDE app to see what the capabilities
    of the .Net CF and Web Services are, and I can not get the most simple Web
    Service to send back a simple string.

    I keep getting an "unable to connect to remote server" error. I build another
    sample app using a mobile asp web app, and then exact same code works fine.

    Is there something I need to do on in SDE app (WindowsCE) to make it work?
    Also, I just read something that seemed to point out that I can not send
    data from the SDE app to the Web Service. Is this true?

    If so, does anyone have a recommendation, as far as what technologies to
    use, that I could build a VERY simple form entry WindowsCE app that has the
    ability to send the data back up to a server? I need to app to run on it's
    own without an Internet connection, but when a Internet connection is availabe,
    I want the app to upload the data. Basically I need the app available 24/7,
    but I need to upload during business hours. I also need to be able to print
    VERY simple receipts via an infer-red interface to a portable printer.

    This is simple stuff, but with each technology, there seems to be a glitch.
    I don't what I used to build it as long as I can work in a VB based language,
    and the app will run on a handheld device. I can even upload the data via
    a dial-up connection directly to a server. I just assumed that a Web Service
    would be the best bet.

    My first approach was an ASP Mobile App, but I need it to run discounted
    from the Web Service sometimes. I can dump the data to XML, Access, WindowsCE
    SQL, etc..., but I have to be able to run the app without a valid Internet

    Any ideas?

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Time is running out and
    I need to make a decision to except this project or not! Please, if you
    have the time and know-how, please give me some guidance. I feel that I'm
    missing something every simple here and I cannot decide if eVB, .NET CF &
    SDE, or a mobile web app... will work for me.

    Thanks for your time,
    Greg Rothlander

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    Oct 2005

    WS on mobile devices

    I think that's not possible since mobile devices don't have their own IIS running.

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    Oct 2005

    netcf, and web services

    I have created several netcf mobile apps that consume web services. You need to add the web service as a web reference to your project (make sure to use the IP address of the server and not it's name). You can protect your web service with Windows Authentication but you cannot supply the security token from the device (not available in this version of the cf) but you can use impersonation in the web.config to get the service to run under a specific account (if required).

    I have not used eVb so I do not know how to do it that way but, on the compact framework works fine.


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    Jun 2006
    Hi Joel,

    I am working on a handheld application using net CF. The issue is that this application needs to go through a firewall.
    The firewall port 80 is open.

    When we go thru a firewall, it keeps telling us that "unable to connect to remote server" but without the firewall, it works fine.

    Are there any special codes in order to work with firewall ?

    Please help.

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    Oct 2005
    Not that I know of. The whole point behind webservices is that they use HTTP and are firewall friendly.

    Are you able to navigate to your .asmx file using a standard browser from outside the firewall? If you cannot access this file from a desktop then the problem is not on your handheld.

    Sorry I couldn't be more specific.


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    Jun 2006
    it seems like the firewall is not very friendly to my webservice.....

    I'm able to view the .asmx file using the standard browser from outside the firewal and i'm able to ping the server using my handheld...... but when come to actual running, the error "unable to connect to remote server" shows again....... i'm very sure my webserice is working, as it works fine in no firewall environment.... is there some setting in firewall we need done? any idea?


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    Oct 2005
    Sorry. I never had to play with Firewall settings and that is not my specialty.

    Good luck. Post back if you find a solution. If I think of anything I will post it here.


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