If you are still programming in Visual Basic 6.0 and planning to move to
Visual Basic .NET, then the Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor is for you.

The Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor is a new add-in that can assist developers
in making a successful transition to Visual Basic .NET. Once installed, the
add-in can scan your Visual Basic 6.0 projects to ensure they meet predetermined
coding standards. The Code Advisor can also suggest changes and best practices
to ease your migration from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET, and enables
you to create custom scanning rules to check your Visual Basic 6.0 code for
compliance with your own personal or development team best practices.

For more information about creating custom rules for the Code Advisor, see
the documentation that accompanies the Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor download.

For additional technical resources and information on the benefits of upgrading
to Visual Basic .NET, visit the Upgrade to Visual Basic .NET from Visual
Basic 6.0 page.


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