Hello All,

I have a legal problem that your responses may help me with. I developed
a dBase application back in 87 for my wife's jewelry store. Long story made
short, sold about 700-800 copies of the DOS program. Picked up an equal partner
in 93 because of the work load. He migrated software to Visual dBase 5.7
and did a less than adequate job. The program has a GUI interface but a definite
DOS procedural feel to it. Sales suffered, our relationship got so bad that
I walked away from the business with nothing on June 18th to create software
that I was once again proud of.

Got together with two other guys and am creating software to a different
standard in VB.NET. With a product that is still unfinished I have sold more
copies of this software than I ever had in the same time period with the
old products.

My ex-partner is suing me on the grounds that my new VB.NET application is
a copy of his Visual dBase 5.7 solution. Stevie Wonder could see the differences
in these two programs.

I'd like to know how any of you who might have experience with dBase and
.NET development would attempt to make the differences known to a judge.
I would really appreciate any input.

Thanks a bunch. My email address: ****@ibisedge.com. My application defined
at ibisedge.com.

Thanks again