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Thread: Even Sun can't use Java

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    Phil Weber Guest

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    Kent Guest

    Re: Even Sun can't use Java


    I assume this is a shot at me? Ok, I'm a good sport so here is my response:

    I bought a Sun Blade workstation a few years back because I though it would
    be the best environment for me to do Java development. I was wrong! I sold
    it on ebay a month later.

    I commend the authors of this memo for their honesty in bringing up some
    serious issues with Java on the Solaris platform. It's better to face the
    problems head on rather than to stick ones head in the sand like M$ has done
    with the VB6 issues.

    The issues that really struck me were related to performance. As I'm sure
    none of you are aware, client apps written in Java are worthless on Solaris.
    Client side Java thrives on Window$, Mac O$X, and Linux where it is most
    important. Editors such as IntelliJ Idea and others are perfect examples
    of how great Java can be on the client.

    Other topics such as JRE size, version and what not don't concern me. $un
    really doesn't expect anyone to use Java on Solaris for anything other than
    serverside applications. So client side performance is probably not a priority.

    However embarassing this memo may be for $un, it should be a wakeup call
    to update Java on Solaris.


    "Phil Weber" <> wrote:

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    Willy Van den Driessche Guest

    Re: Even Sun can't use Java

    Thanks for this link.
    For some time now, I have been worried about compatibility while
    Management clearly favors Java because it is claimed to be a cross-platform
    language. While in many respects this is true (although Swing is
    definitively a bridge too far), I have been mainly concerned with the
    backwards compatibility issues. It's sure nice to have someone else saying
    The problem is actually fundamental. In Java its simply a **** of a job
    (and that's **** as in DLL ****) to remain compatible. The different
    Versions of the java framework classes have been known be very incompatible.
    Anyway, without going to deep, it is worth noting that .NET doesn't provide
    means for compatibility either. The compatibility we have had up until now
    is not guaranteed for the future. The impact is that every application will
    need to carry it's own runtime in order to work.
    VB6 has a good (but not perfect) backward compatibility scheme, where the
    compiler actually warns you when you will break binary compatibility.
    Anyway, I think .NET is well-equipped to decorate its assemblies (with
    assembly-level attributes ?) in such a way so that developers can be made
    aware of the level of future compatibility that will be guaranteed. Maybe a
    market for some third party ?
    For a work in progress :
    "Phil Weber" <> schreef in bericht

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    Phil Weber Guest

    Re: Even Sun can't use Java

    > I assume this is a shot at me?

    Kent: If the shoe fits... ;-)
    Phil Weber

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