Sorry if this is not the best place to post this - can anyone recommend a
different group where this would be more appropriate if it isn't ?

I've been having an interesting discussion with a colleague about error
handling in the VB.Net product we are developing - here's a snippet of his
view :

'Why do normal sql statements need error handling? As long as the code is
bug free and the upgrade done properly, the sql statements will always work
against the config db.'

Is this a sensible argument ? He goes on to argue that 'exception handling
is pretty expensive' - I'm not sure about that, when an error occurs an
exception is going to het thrown by the OS (if not at a higher level) and we
need to catch it. Once it's happened I don't see how 'expensive' comes into
it - it doesn't get more expensive than an error !

What do others think ? Is there merit in his arguement that I am missing ?

Thanks for your comments.