I have two DBs on the same server, with two diff. web roots (each per DB),
but the SAME .DLL serving both web sites. The problem is the UDL file and
how to adjust it to the DB connection for the correct web site the user is
accessing. After our analysis, we can: 1) Dynamically adjust the UDL file
for the web site accessed (but how do you know what web site the user is
accessing WITHOUT using Global.asa) 2) Have two different UDL files. In
either case, how do you know what web site is accessed before any connection
to the DB is made or originally (by web address- how, IP address- how)?
What are your thoughts? I am researching the issue, and have found Data
Link API, but it is not what we need to help us solve the problem. Any idea
is appreciated! Thanks!!! Darta