"jklow" <jk_low@pacific.net.sg> wrote:
> would welcome any advice.
> Need to install NT SERVER 4.0 with Site Server 3.0.
> The world wide web Publising service with
> several other services will be available
> after Option Pack 4.0 is installed
> Problem:The world Wide Web Publising Service
> could not start up automatically
> and as a result I cannot proceed
> with Site Server installation.
> Attempt to start up the service manually
> will receive a message " ...storage not
> enough.." even though I have more than
> 1.5G with the current directory and
> Please share with me if any of you
> have encoutered the similar situation
> before and possible solution.

I had the same problem. The fix I found was to RELOAD service pack 3 for
NT Server from the NT Option pack cd. When I first loaded sp3 it was from
a cd I burned that held sp3 that I downloaded from microsoft site. Once
I reloaded sp3 from the option pack cd, the error message went away and I
was able to proceed with the install.

Here's a great site on MS for instructions on loading up SS3