I am having trouble getting started with my first simple web form in visual
studio.net. The form just has a label on it and thats all.

When I try to run it from the development environment I get the following


! (in a triagle)

Unable to automatically attach to

If this is the first time you have run Visual Studio after setup
completed, log out of Windows and log back in and try the scenario
again. If the scenario still does not work you may not have
permissions to debug the server, make sure you are a member of the
'Debugger Users' group on the the server and try again.

My user is assigned to the 'Debugger Users' group in the Active Directory
user maintenance.
My workstation and server are the same, a stand alone machine. I have logged
off and on as indicated but still get the error. The build seems to go fine
except the final running of the web form in the browser.

I have also tried completely removing and replacing Visual Studio.Net and
the Windows component update from the January MSDN shipment to no avail.

Any help or ideas for resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


Mel Dodd