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> Larry Linson wrote:
> >
> > Joe, E-mail me an alternate e-mail address. I can't get an e-mail through
> > to jfoster@ricochet.net -- says the mail server is out of commercial operation.
> > Apologies to other participants.

> Cool!
> Maybe I should switch to using my own ricochet.net address in newsgroups.
> It was still forwarding stuff (all spam of course) to me
> as recently as last week.

Why do you think I've been using my UUCP address, even after the spammers
toasted the gateways so long ago? I'm amazed that most spamware can't
even check Reply-To headers or decipher mailto: URLs. Perhaps .NET will
finally put such advanced capabilities in the hands of spamware authors?
Be interesting to see what chokes on the new Reply-To: and mailto: stuff.

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