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Thread: Need Help Installing SSL Certificate On IIS5.0

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    saravanan Guest

    Need Help Installing SSL Certificate On IIS5.0

    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to install an SSL Trial Certificate on an IIS5.0 Server but
    i am not able to do this properly. I am running an Windows 2000 Sever on
    a fat32 partition, does that prevent me from installing an SSL Certificate.
    ANy help would be appriciated.
    I also found some material on how to install a SSL Certificate on IIS4.0
    they talk about a key manager from the mmc & i am not able to locate that
    in WIndows 2000.

    Thanking you in advance for your time.

    Saravanan Natarajan

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    May 2006

    Install SSL Certificate in Microsoft IIS 5.0

    Hi there,

    I use a certificate from thawte, they give great support!

    To install the certificate in Microsoft IIS 5.0 follow the instructions below:

    1. Open Internet Services Manager, or the custom MMC containing the Internet Information Services snap-in.

    2. Expand Internet Information Services (if needed) and browse to the Web site you have a pending certificate request on.

    3. Right-click on the site and then click Properties.

    4. Click the Directory Security tab.

    5. Under the Secure Communications section, click Server Certificate.

    6. On the Web Site Certificate Wizard, click Next.

    7. Choose to Process the Pending Request and Install the Certificate. Click Next.

    8. Type in the location of the certificate response file (you may also browse to the file), and then click Next.

    9. Read the summary screen to be sure that you are processing the correct certificate, and then click Next.

    10. You will see a confirmation screen. When you have read this information, click Next.

    11. Right click the web-site to go into properties. From there click the web-site tab.

    12. Make sure that the secure port 443 is enabled and an IP address is assigned.

    Follow the instructions at the following link to enable SSL on IIS 5.0 :

    You now have a server certificate installed. You may want to test the Web site to ensure that everything is working correctly. Be sure to use https:// when you test connectivity to the site

    Once your certificate is installed, we strongly advise you to make a backup of your certificate with its private key. The instructions to backup your certificate is available on the link :

    For a trial certificate you will need to download the trail root certificate, please see following link for more information:

    Hope this helped!

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