hi... my friend and i are totally confused on how to make a text based game ... i'm not completely confused though. i know you need to make the pages with html (which i'm comfortable with after reading a book and practicing with it... for the game i want to make, i even made a sidebar for the game and a login page).... the thing is, i don't know how to do interactions.... which my friend told me php is used for... i got a book on php, and downloaded php, but i know nothing on what to do next (i don't know exactly how to get php started, and my friend said i needed a server for php, but i'd rather not spend anything while i'm still testing, or at least if i do, not pay like 100's of dollars on a server). if it helps any, the game i plan to make is like www.torncity.com or www.monocountry.com or www.hobowars.com.... if anyone can help at all, thanks a lot ... just email me or reply with any tips or good beginner sites for php or whatever program i should use.