I am completing my AutoRedraw form, and I find that when
the form is large, I get image residue (for lack of a better name)
when I move a different form across my AutoRedraw form.

In other words, as I move Notepad (for example) across my
form, I see residual images where Notepad was. They quickly
are replaced with the proper image, but I wonder if I can do
anything to reduce the effect. I notice the VS IDE has a somewhat
similar problem, but to a far lesser degree.

I have looked into clipping, but I cannot tell where I need to go to
find out what portion of my form I should clip. It may not be a
clipping problem, but that is the only thing I could think of that
would hopefully increase the drawing response time....

If you want to see it, you can paste this text into a new Form1:
(One startup error is expected - Sub Main not found - Dbl click on
error in ToDo list, select list item, and hit OK, then run again)

Any comments/suggestions are welcome!