I am seeming to have a lot of problems trying to bind data to a drop down
list (on a web form). I have the ddl(drop down list) on the web form, i
then dropped the table that i wanted to use on the form and it setup the
sqlconnection and sql data adapter. i then right clicked on the adapter
and generated a data set. i then went to the properties and selected what
i wanted the source data bound and i then went to the code, filled the data
set and did dropdownlistEmpNum.databind() and when i run the code it says
that i bound the data to an unusable source. It says i have to use something
like Ilist or Ienumerator. I mean if you cant bind a ddl to a data set directly
why is the option included in the Data binding dialog box??? Any help would
be greatly appreciated.


Just when i think i am starting to grasp this whole .NET thing, i run into
another roadblock.