I've got a problem with using images with transparent backgrounds.

If I convert a bmp image to a png image (via a graphics editor...in this
case Microsoft Photo Editor) and then place the png into a picturebox, the
background is transparent and has the same color as the form background that
the picture is place upon.

Here's the problem.....

If I have a number of png images loaded into an imagelist, and I retrieve
one of those images into a picturebox rather than directly from a file, the
background transparency seems to go away, and the background of the image
is solid white.

To Summarize:
Saving an image with a transparent background as a .png format image file,
then placing that file into a picturebox works (background is transparent).

But putting that same .png image into an imagelist, then retreiving the image
from the imagelist into a picturebox "breaks" the transparency.

Is there a workaround for this or am I going to have to throw away the imagelist
and opt for a resource file? Even worse, am I going to have to retreive
the image from a disk file? I hope not. I've got 45 images to deal with!

Jim Graham