I've got a question for you guys. You probably know more about using system
resources than I do. I'm converting the software I developed from VB6 to
VB.Net and I'm looking at an option of either designing all the different
forms (about 30) at design time ___ or ___ making a base form (base class)
and creating new instances of that form and populating them with controls
at run time. The first option is what has already been developed. I was wondering
if creating the forms at run time dynamically would be better than doing
it at design time. I know it will make the application smaller in size but
do you have any idea if it will adversely affect the system resources???

Here's a recap of the question:

Currently the program is written in VB6.

I am re-writing the program in VB.Net (and most likely C# as well after).

I want to find a way to shrink the program down (has about 30 data forms).

current programming options:
1) Leave style as is and design every form at design time.
2) Make a base form; create new instances of this base form (class)
at run time and populate them then, keeping track of them in a collection
class that inherits this base class (base form).

overall question: which option would be better, more efficient maybe?

Besides the data forms mentioned about (20-30) I have already programmed
the MDI portion along with 4 other of the communications forms need for the
app. I like VB.Net a lot and from looking at C# a little, I think I'm gonna
like it too. I've been learning a lot trying to program this application
so far. The reason I'm thinking of the second option is that all of the panels
have the possibility of using the same for types of control, but different
quantities of each. The four controls are textboxes (in all), labels (all),
checkboxes (only some), and 1 command button (only some). The base form
would have only the command button and some textboxes and labels that are
common to all data forms. The command button would be made invisible for
those panels that don't need it.

If anyone has any thoughts on my question I'd appreciate the input.