Dear Russell Jones,

Thanks for your input, very helpful.

Thanks again,

Brad Isaacs

" <> wrote:
>Just point the browser at the .doc file. In IE browsers, the document will
>open Word in the browser, merging the browser menus with Word's menus. In
>other browsers and early versions of IE, Word is generally set up as a
>"helper" application, and the browser will launch a local copy of Word to
>display the file.
>"Brad Isaacs" <> wrote in message
>> Dear friends,
>> I wanted to know how I can make my users to my site be able to download

>> doc's through word.
>> Scenerio: I have a html page that contains some information and I will

>> a word sytle file button ,,,once pressed the user will be able to download
>> the body of the text into MS-Word.
>> Does anyone have any ideas, web sites where I can read about info on this
>> topic or code to help me find a way to perform this??
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Brad Isaacs