Hello Discussion member

I built a website using Html and vbscript.
It works fine in my system.In this site when user selects an option, a simulating
software will be opened on client side(eg: my computer) and file will be
I am opening software and playing it through Dos path (eg: c:\mtd\class\sat.exe
-play m:\test\file.ses)
M is our home directory, what i want to do is i want upload this website
to our company INTRANET .
On client side the software will be installed and path will be same plus
the folder if needed will aslo be installed.
I heard of virtual paths! I am new to this type of things can anybody guide
me in uploading this website or atleast suggest me a good material for learning
this type of things.
Note: Some input boxes are created by me using Vbscript in this website.
Thanks in advance