I have been banging my head against a wall on this for several days now.
have a data grid with several columns, but only one is not a Read-Only
column. When I click the Edit link the column goes into edit mode
correctly. When I edit the value and click Update, I trace the code in the
UpdateCommand event and the value coming back from the grid is the original
value, not the updated value. In other words, if the value $300 was the
original value but then I changed the value to $200, only the $300 value
accessible in the code. I have the Select and the Insert for the data
adapter bound to two separate stored procedures. I don't have the columns
autogenerated. Since I have had so much trouble with this, I replaced the
updatable column with a template column in which I added two text boxes,
for the display and one for the update. I got the same results. I used
code I found in numerous example to extract the textbox object from the
Cells(ColumnPosition),Controls(0), and then get the text value of that
textbox control. In the template example, I use the FindControl method.
anyone have any idea why this is occurring? I even tried creating a new
application with a new grid and copied in the code from my old app, thinking
that maybe the grid was corrupted. Still, the same results.