I have VB.NET app that is made up off a Standard VB Executable and a Windows
Service. I guess you could actually look at them as to separate apps since
they run independently of each other. I am looking for some suggestions on
the best way to enable communication between the two. I would like to have
some methods exposed in the Windows Service that the EXE could check.

One example of something that I would like to communicate between the
programs is Copy Progress. What I mean by that is this, the Windows service
is going to be copying some rather large(2GB+) files for me at night. I
would like to be able to open my EXE and have a progress window that shows
how far along the service is. I thought about having the Service write it's
progress to an XML file and then I could just check that. But I would like
to find a more direct way to do it.

Is there any way to expose methods in a Service like you would in a COM
object? Or is there a better way to do this?

Eric Immerman