Hi Pros,
My problem this time is:
I have a ListBox and an ArrayList, containing a class User as elements of the ArrayList.

'in Declarations
Private Users As New ArrayList() 'Array of all users
Private dbRow as OleDb.DataRow

'So I load all items from the DB:
For Each dbRow In dbDataSet.Tables("Users").Rows
Users.Add(New User(dbRow("UserName"), _
dbRow("UserPass"), _
dbRow("FullName"), _
dbRow("Position"), _
Next dbRow

lstUsers.DataSource = Users
lstUsers.DisplayMember = "UserName"

'So far everithing is OK. But when I remove an item from the Users ...

lstUsers.DataSource = Users
lstUsers.DisplayMember = "UserName" 'to show the changes in the ListBox

'...and it goes away from the ListBox, when I click an item in it an exception raises saying: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection." (in mscorlib.dll) and the pointer in the Dev. environment (text editor) points to the first line in the code:

Public Class frmUserAdmin

, which is not of much help. This happens after the lstUsers.SelectedIndexChanged event is completed.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong and which index is out of range (i think the ArrayList's but how to check this index and it's setting)?

Miroslav St. Jeliaskoff