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Thread: Open new window

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    john rigsby Guest

    Open new window

    Okay, I have a page where I want to have a help related link open a new window.
    I can get it to open a new window but everytime I press the link it opens
    a brand new window. Is there a way to make it reuse the same window. I am
    currently using IE 5.0 and this has to work with Netscape as well.

    I have had it work before and I see plenty of sites that have windows open
    "onload" which reuse the window but for the life of me I cannot figure out
    what the difference is in what I am doing.

    I have tried using a function in my link and passing the filename.

    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    function openHelp(helpPage)

    Ive tried hardcoing it

    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    function openHelp(helpPage)
    {'http://sara/demo60-pln/help/acctbal.htm','popup','width=483,height=465,toolbar=0,scrollbars=12,resizeable=yes,status=0 ');

    Ive also tried using target="_new" in my link

    <a href="acctbal.htm" target="_new">Help</a>

    [this one actually worked a week or so least I thought it did]

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you may have.

    PS. Im sure this is pretty basic stuff so please forgive me

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    Sevan Baghdasarian (WEB DEV) Guest

    Re: Open new window

    Hi John,

    > open(helpPage,'HelpPage','width=350,height=300,scrollbars');

    Well, as long as you keep the second argument, 'HelpPage' the same in all of
    your new window, open statements, no additional new window is going to be
    opened, since there can only be one window with a unique name on the desktop
    at a time.

    Digitally Yours,
    Sevan Baghdasarian
    Official Personal Site

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