Hi all,

I'm writing a simple VC++ application that should perform specific actions
HTML text data tables, using provided by Internet Explorer COM interfaces.

This is the scenario:
The application has available a valid IHTMLTable interface pointer and calls
IHTMLTable::Get_rows() in order to load all rows and get an
IHTMLElementCollection interface pointer. Next step, performed in a "inner"
loop, is to enumerate all the cells that belong to specific row through
IHTMLTableRow:: Get_cells() call. Then, using pointer to IDispatch interface
it gets each cell and uses the QueryInterface() call to locate the
IHTMLTableCell interface.

My questions are:
1. If once the pointer to IHTMLTableCell interface has been successfully
retrieved, how do I get the text Value of the this cell? (Suppose that all
cells contain only text data)
2. Which IHTMLxxxElement interfaces besides IHTMLElement could be obtained
by a IHTMLTableCell::QueryInterface() call?


Ivo Ivanov