I am a website designer who has been doing small business websites for a few
years...My primary skills are HTML/CSS, a little Javascript/DHTML my website
can be seen at "www.creativeone.com/co_intro.htm".

I am a little familiar with MS Access and am looking to expand my arsenal
of skills by getting into the small database driven website arena, and have
a few questions before I start, making sure I go in the right direction.

I would like to be able to offer my small business clients 3 major database

1. Employee Contact list
2. Shopping Cart
3. Order/Contact/Info Forms to database

...and would like to offer myself 1 major database component:

1. I would like my clients to have access to certain website content (without
knowing HTML) so that they can do minor edits themselves...such as content
updates and employee info changes.

This would eleviate me from having to do these minor things and allow them
the freedom to change certain things as they desire...

What I envision is a website design template with a database that holds the
website entire (content,text,graphics, etc.) and allows me to give my client
access to certain fields to edit as they desire. All without disturbing the
design template. Is this a correct/doable concept?

I believe this is possible and is done all the time, I just don't know where
to start with what technology. Like I said these are small projects and I
believe most (if not all) can be done using MS Access.

I don't want to go the PHP/MySQL route (please don't ask), so what I see
myself doing is learning ASP and/or Cold Fusion to tie into an MS Access

1. is this correct or are there some elements I am missing?
2. plus would this address all the components I have mentioned above?
3. would I be able to give my clients certain freedom in website edits?

Or is there a "packaged" solution to this kind of website design/development
that someone can recommend?

Thanks in advance,