Howdy all. Lengthy question.
This might be the place to ask a question that's been bothering me...
I've read up on web design, etc but have not been able to "wrap my mind"
round how to convert a Visual Basic or Paradox "legacy app" to the web.
Specifically, the forms.
Reviewing web sites and e-commerce sites, it seems that while you can
search on ISBN #, titles, etc, the returned/served page is, I presume, built
tables. How would you be able to return the requested acct # and it's
related data back to a form and a specific field object vice a
table/tabular display?
Or do I have to organize the acct infomation, obtained through several
SQL statements accessing different tables, into tables in order to
display it?
Or am I missing the fact that to display related field data that I need
to code a html text box with a sql statement that obtains the needed data
from a table?
I've started looking at Visual Basic 6's webclasses but I don't think it
will solve my problem as the tutorials are limited.
Would Microsoft Visual Interdev 6 or the new .Net development apps
provide the capability, i.e. form controls, to display & construct forms
similar to what the
user is accustomed to viewing via a desktop or client/server app?

Are there sample sites or tutorials I may browse that display forms
similar to desktop or client-server apps?