Dear colleagues in programming and website development

I am a somewhat experienced programmer in Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, Java
and HTML for particular uses; I am new at website development, and I am really
having a hard time finding the "best" resources.

My objective is a site that people searching for my two areas of updated
information and connections to further reference 1) Medicine, my being almost
done with my MD and PhD- in Neuroscience, people seeking information on the
healthy mind and any neurological problem can find help resources and links
to relevant sites on my website and 2) the financial world, as I trade heavily
in stocks, options, and currencies and have information I want to publish
and links to relevant sites.

Also, I want to post tasteful "banner ads" to sites that "pay per click"
and pay a commission to the website host whose site "led" to the site of

Any advice or direction will be appreciated, and if need be, compensated

john moyers, MD, PhD