Why is it that the change event of a select object fires when you scroll through
the items when the list is NOT dropped down, but doesn't fire when you scroll
through the list while it's dropped down?

My desired behavior is to have the list drop down automatically as soon as
a character is typed while the select object has focus. Then once the desired
selection gets selected, the <ENTER> or <TAB> key would need to be hit to
fire the onchange event. The behavior is fine if the mouse is used to select
an item, I just need to tweak it for keyboard use.

The reason I desire this behavior is because the contents of a second select
is dymamically changed on the change event of the first. So if the first
select contains state codes, the first letter of the desired state code may
need to be pressed a few times before the actual desired state code becomes
selected. I don't want the second select to be constantly changing while
the user is "navigating" through the first select.

Thanks for listening,