I have three forms in my project on form1 is the form where a user types in
a surname and it returns the info from the access database and updates it
form2 which is a datagrid how ever i have set the datagrid up so when a user
selects a row in the datagrid it trasfers the ramaing info in the database
to a new form and it changes for each diffrent row. But when i use the
query return it updates the datagrid fine but when i select each row to view
diffrent data it does change it. It all the same for each product this is
the code i am using to transfer the data from datagrid to form 4

Form4.Text1.Text = Adodc1.Recordset!CashBack

does any one know how i can get it to return diffrent data for each row as
it works fine on it own but not on a query