I've been working on my website for quite some time... and want to get it
going quite soon... so I get it up and working, the main layout that is,
and come to find out that lovely old Netscape doesn't like what I've done.
My problem is best seen... ( www.viper3d.com/home.html ) The center area
will be for content... and will be scrolled (news or other content) I used
DIVs and Layering with DIVs to do this and it works great in IE. However
when you access the page using netscape, there are NO scrollbars. Therefore,
the content is hidden from view for all eternity from netscape users. Then
I came upon some DHTML techniques, but everywhere I have been just simply
says "here use mine and give me credit". Since my website is basically a
site dealing with creating websites for people and other Web development
needs, having someone elses work simply pasted into my HTML would look bad
on my part.
I'll get to the point, does anyone know a way to fix the problem in netscape
with the current DIVs, or does anyone know a site that has a step by step
how-to on implementing the DHTML solution.

Thanks in advance,