Does anybody know if the Option object in Javascript is unable to display
HTML special characters like ", >, ™ ?

I would like to display the trademark character TM ( ™ ) by dynamically
adding an option to a dropdown using the Option object. However, the ™
gets displayed as is, without getting converted to the TM character.

Try the sample code below. I have two options that are statically displayed
with the special characters and they display fine. But when I try to add
a dynamic option with the special character, it does not display properly.

Any help/suggestions will be greately appreciated.

Sample Code:

function AddOption()
var l;
l = document.joydeep.cbo.length;
document.joydeep.cbo[l] = new Option("CompactFlash™",123,false,false);
<form name="joydeep">

<SELECT name="cbo" onchange=AddOption()>
<OPTION value="1">Trademarked Item™</OPTION>
<OPTION value="2">Copyrighted Item&#174;</OPTION>