I am developing a web ASP application, which access data on
the server and represent it on the client side in TreeView.ocx(mscomctl.ocx)
with client scripting.
Treeview should have images(icons), so I also use ImageList control for storing
gif pictures for Treeview icons.
In Windows application I can populate ImageList like this :

ImageList1.ListImages.Add ,,LoadPicture("c:\temp\openfolder.gif")

But in internet application, pictures are stored on the server, so
I can't load them with function LoadPicture() which doesn't support URL addresses.
Of course I can get icon in HTML IMG element :
<IMG SRC = "http://www.xxxx.openfolder.gif">,
but I can't find the way to populate the ImageList from IMG element.

Does anybody know , how can I populate ImageList ocx control with gif icons,
which are stored on the server, so Treeview could have icons?