I've made a webpage using VB6's DHTML editor. The page basically takes
some information from the user and sticks it into an accompanying Access
database. During development, of course, all my files were on my local machine,
and so all references were to files on my hard drive. In my code, I established
a "Constants" module with the following constants:

DataBasePath = c:\my documents\webpage\database.mdb
Root = c:\my documents\webpage\
Images = images\
Pages = pages\

Whenever one of these was needed in the code, I would construct the appropriate
path and plug it in. Everything worked. My thinking was, prior to deploying
to the web, all I had to do was change the values in the "Constants" module.
I was in for a bit of a surprise. My biggest problem is that the path to
the database is corrupted. The Constants module is reprogrammed as follows:

DataBasePath = http://www.mywebpage.com/database.mdb
Root = http://www.mywebpage.com/
Images = images/
Pages = pages/

But whenever I try and access the database, I get an error saying that the
file could not be found at the specified location. However, the specified
location is not what I specified, rather the local path to the database is
concatenated to the beginning of the web address
(i.e. c:\my documents...http://www....)

Anybody know what's going on? I don't know how that's being concatenated
or how to stop it. Almost everything else is working okay (or can afford
not to work for a little while), but I really need this database part to
work properly. If anyone could provide some suggestions, they would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks,


ps. I used Microsoft's Packaging & Deployment wizard, but the server couldn't
decompress the CAB files; I downloaded the CAB, extracted its files, and
reuploaded the expanded files to the root directory.