I am seeking help with javascript in forms on which I am working. The url
is http://www.stanlowa.com/beta/index.htm. It's in French, but I'll explain
with what I am having trouble. Click on Taille Enfant for the pop-up. My
first problem is when you 'Choisir un tissu' then 'le couleur'. The color
is dependant upon the fabric. Selecting the color pops the text into the
text field. Is there a way to write a new array so that something different
pops into that text field, such as the price? Second problem, when you click
'Commander' (Order), the new page loads into the pop-up, though I found some
javascript to target the opener. Any idea why this is not working? Third
problem, when that page loads (the order summation page with credit card
info, etc.), the value for the color (tissu) is either 0,1,2,or 3 because
of the javascript, i.e. OptLot[0] in the arrays. Is there a way to change
that to the actual fabric name with javascript?
Thanks in advance.