I'm trying to develop a secured webbrowser. My work is based on the
webbrowser control (vb6.0)

In order to only surf the internet & security reasons, i implement "always
on top" function, block the ctrl + alt + del,....

I also implemented a combobox to hold previous entered internet adresses in
the combobox.
I can't show the drowdown list of my combobox as a result of this function.
("always on top")
Anyone who can solve my problem, my application has to be always on top !!!

Is there a way to disable the right button-click event of a mouse (API) ????

is there a way to disable keys of keyboard. such as the window key, alt,
ctrl, f1 - f12 , insert,....

I want to create a webbrowser in order to get only on the internet without
the possibility to run any other programs on the computer.....

my application will run on a win98 machine,

thx in advance,