When I build tables in HTML, I always prefre to use relative (percentage)
widths, for the whole tabel and for its cells. One problem I faced - using
the IE - is that when I build a table this way and include a text box within
a cell, such that the width of the text box is set to 100% so that it takes
the whole cell's width, when I do so, that cell gets wider if not the whole
content - specified at design time - of the text box can be displayed at
once. For clarification, here is an example:

<TH WIDTH="30%">Type</TH>
<TH WIDTH="70%">Comment</TH>

<TD><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" VALUE="Try putting a short and a long string
here to observe the problem" STYLE="width: 100%"></TD>

Any help (soultions or alternatives) is highly appreciable.