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Thread: Security Concerns with MS Access 2000

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    Thomas Seroogy Guest

    Security Concerns with MS Access 2000

    I have created a simle program that utiliazes a Microsoft Access 2000
    database. This database includes a user name and password that are passed by
    the application. The database is not encrypted at this time, but this is
    little trouble to employ. Both the database and program are distributed on
    disk, and are not functioning as part of a network.

    During a recent Microsoft Seminar, I asked the instructor just how secure
    the database was from undesired access. His answer was not too comforting.
    While I may be overreacting to his comments, it seems that Access security
    can be easily compromised, whether encrypted or not, by anyone familiar with
    the security features of MS Access.

    While it is nice to be able to use the strengths of the Access database for
    my program, I would like to make sure that it cannot be easily compromised
    should someone want to copy and pirate the information contained within that
    database. Any comments or suggestions?

    Thank you.
    Tom Seroogy

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    Miroslav St. Jeliazkov Guest

    Re: Security Concerns with MS Access 2000

    You can use your own coding for the data by encripting it before putting it
    in the proper fields and records. My point is that you can make encription
    in your App and then write in the database file and after when you read it
    from it you just decript it. So if anyone succeedes to open the file in the
    fields he'll find useless info and he has to start seeking for your key and
    method of coding.

    Regards, Miro

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