Hi Kathleen

I just read your article on making good User Interfaces and thought I'd try
to get you to give me some advice on mine.

My application has many users, so I assume the functionality of the interface
is good, but reviewers always comment on the interface saying things like,
"dated," "plain," "old," "uninspiring," even "ugly duckling." Here's a
quote, "We were disappointed in the appearance of the program * very bland
. . ."

I don't know what these comments mean. I have asked these reviewers what
they mean, and what they'd do to jazz up the interface. The never answer
my question. They reply saying things like, "Those decisions are up to you,
the developer." But, how can I correct something I can't see?

If you republish your article you may want to consider breaking it into two
sections -- function and cosmetics. I'm asking about cosmetics. Maybe you
can use my interface as a, "Here's what not to do," for the group.

The program can be downloaded at http://members.xoom.com/InfoMagic/

If you are willing to comment, but unwilling to download the program I will
post screen captures.

jim evans

If you can't get to the website [Xoom is unreliable] try downloading it directly
with: http://members.xoom.com/InfoMagic/IMagic32.exe