Well the code i was given works pretty well, with a few modifications ""
Private Sub Command1_Click()

Dim verb As String 'Create new variables to hold
Dim Verb1 As String 'creates place for first person
Dim Verb2 As String 'secound
Dim Verb3 As String 'third
Dim verb4 As String '
Dim verb5 As String
Dim verb6 As String

Dim letter As String * 1 'the text and the last letter
Dim end As string
Dim end1 As String 'as well as the ending.
Dim end2 As String
Dim end3 As String
Dim end4 As String
Dim end5 As String
Dim end5 As String
Dim end6 As String

verb = txtLAT.Text 'Fill the text variable.
letter = Right(verb, 1) 'Get the last letter.

If letter = "a" Or _
letter = "e" Or _
letter = "i" Or _
letter = "o" Or _
letter = "u" Then 'Check to see if the last letter
'is a vowel, if so...
verb = verb & end 'add the ending
Verb1 = verb & end1
Verb2 = verb & end2
Verb3 = verb & end3
verb4 = verb & end4
verb5 = verb & end5
verb6 = verb & end6
End If

Ist.Caption = verb1
Snd.Caption = verb2
Erd.Caption = verb3
Fth.Caption = verb4
Sth.Caption = verb5
SXth.Caption = verb6

End Sub
I havent tried it yet, but i think it will work
But NOTICe that i havent defined the endings
and they are defined within this sub state ment
which is a problem
the form for this is a textbox for entering the verb
a button for doing the operation which triggers the above
and a HUGE multitude of radio buttons
i knew that you could group a set of radio buttons
by creating the frame first
then the buttons, but some frames may conflict with others
(its impossible to have a subjunctive passive) etc..

THey are arranged by several groups
but to be able to dissable one group while another is active
i put a radio button in each group to enable that group,
such as (i dont know where id put it)
if radSUBJENABLE 'enables subjumctive dissables passive voice
radPASSVEN.Visible = false
but the actual problem is the fact that i put the button within the same
group as the group that needs to be the control(meaning that if i clicked
"enable past tense" i could only click enable
past tense and not click any of the radio buttons it controls
how do i make 1 radio button control the visible factor of a group of buttons
and other groups
, and how do you make a variable exists throughout a program not just in
the sub?