Hello Friends,

I am trying to read the contents from a current Internet Explorer Select
tag using the MSHTML object library. I have chosen to use the "SelectedIndex"
property to retrieve a current selection from a "Select" tag. I am using
the following code:
Dim Doc
Dim myVar As Object
Dim r As Object
Dim S As Object
Dim g_element As Object
Private WithEvents g_document As HTMLDocument

Private Sub Form_Load()
For Each IE In sWs
Set Doc = IE.document
Set g_document = Doc
End Sub

Private Sub g_document_onmouseup()

If TypeOf g_document Is HTMLDocument Then

Set myVar = g_document.activeElement
Debug.Print myVar.selectedIndex.Value
End If
End Sub
Question: I am getting the error message: "Object doesn't support this property
or method" What is the proper way to reference this object?
Thanks in advance for your help.