[Originally posted by Mike Moum]

I have a large Visual Basic project (VB 6 SP 4) running on Windows 2000 workstations connected to Windows NT Server 4.0 SP 6. The program uses DAO controls and Infragistics Datawidgets 3.1, particularly their datagrid, to access a Microsoft Access 2000 database. There can be as many as 8 users, although usually only three or four are running simultaneously. The problem is that the following error message appears sporadically and apparently at random: &quot;Could not update record - locked by user ADMIN on <machine name>&quot;. There does not seem to be any pattern that causes this error message, except for there being two or more users. Each is operating on a unique recordset, which is a subset of a common table. The network gurus have tried to trace this problem, and have no idea why it is happening. Sometimes we have to repair the database in Access after this happens, and sometimes we don't. There doesn't seem to be any data loss, except for updates on the current record.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here? We're tearing our hair out.