Hello to everyone!

I am working on school VB 6 project that is developing computer application
using VB 6 and Access 2000. One of the task that the application is required
to do is Import, Export and Update database among 5 locations. The senrio
is that the same application will reside on each 5 different locations. One
location being central will have all the 5 locations data in its database.
Each location will have its own database but will send new and updated data
to the central location monthly. Th central location then required to update
its database accordingly. There is no server or networking and the 4 locations
are out of town. New or updated data will be sent on a disk or as an e-mail
attachment. Can any one please, suggest on how to tackle this task? I am
a student and don't have a lot of experience in VB 6, and never worked in
Importing, Exporting and Up-dating remote information.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.